Electric mobility in Africa could be the next big thing for global investors

Image source: Techcabal
Image source: Stima Mobility

The Electricity Revolution in Africa

E-mobility startups in Africa have taken a homegrown approach to adoption where the electric vehicle market adapts to local needs. We have to remember that Africa has the smallest per-capita car ownership level globally, with private cars representing a minority of vehicles in sub-Saharan Africa. Other segments such as buses, motorcycles, and even boats may be better suited to electrify first.

Closing the Gap — Financing and Infrastructure

Image source: ASOBO

Electric Propulsion As a Service

Between 60,000 to 70,000 commercial fishing boats descend on Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake, every day — all powered by expensive, unreliable, and polluting petrol engines. The startup ASOBO is working to reduce fuel emissions’ negative impact by providing electric mobility solutions on water. They provide “electric propulsion as a service.” Some of the services they offer include financing assets, transport of batteries, daily recharging, maintenance and repair, and a rescue backup.



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