Untapped Global


  • Cat George

    Cat George

    Catalyst @UntappedGlobal @endeavorglobal @p18startups, @Unreasonable. Innovator, creator, wildcard, deep end diver.

  • Emmanuel Senzighe

    Emmanuel Senzighe

    I work on projects that helps humanity thrive

  • Aroundtheclockafrica


  • Ehinze Emeka

    Ehinze Emeka

    Product Manager,Business Inteligence,product analyst,community builder,tech enthusiast

  • Ibrahim Ahmed

    Ibrahim Ahmed

    Serial Entrepreneur, Writer. Founder and CEO of Geljir Technologies Limited. www.m-nomad.co.ke Contact: hilowleibrahim@gmail.com

  • Zachary Sisson

    Zachary Sisson

    Flow Goer | Polypreneur | Innovator — Through the eyes only perspective. Silence is gold.

  • Nate Cheruiyot

    Nate Cheruiyot

  • Delphic Ventures

    Delphic Ventures

    Supporting several highly regulated industries and economies, including agriculture, natural resources, reforestation, and infrastructure.

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